Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Toddler Boy Water Wardrobe

I don't know about y'all but its been 75 degrees here in Atlanta this February so I'm already itching for summmmmmaaa time!  I was so excited this year when looking for some cute toddler boy water wear. Often times I find myself bummed to find yet another year full of monkey and whale prints. Have y'all ever noticed how boys get gypped? Literally every store I walk into has about 100 girl items (and CUTE items) to every 1 boy item. So this year, I've figured out my go-tos and decided to share with y'all.

1) Boden Terry Fleece Beach Cover-Up-

*SPLURGE ALERT*. So I didn't get this last year because I thought it was ridiculous to spend that kind of money on a one year old but I so wish I did. We have so many pool days between visiting Poppy & Gigi and going to our local club where this would have been great. I can't wait for him to sport it this year, and be warm and cozy after a chilling exit out of the water from playing all day.

2) Boden Swim Trunks - I'm going to try and get away with these as many years as I can. There's going to come a day when my child can't get away with wearing these so might as well soak it up. They are SO cute. And they are "effortless" for your kid too- no soggy bottoms, no sand trapped, just simple suits.

3) Puddle Jumper- Blue Camo - just adorable. I thought long and hard before making this purchase knowing that we wanted a second child and honestly, I would love if I had a baby girl down the road and she rocked this. Camo is for all genders, period.

4) iPlay Hat - Waylon had sever brachycephaly as an infant so he's really bothered by anything on his head except for this hat. It's great for those long beach or pool days when your child really needs th protection but isn't into hats. It's so lightweight that it doesn't bother them as much. And cute too!

5) iPlay Sunguard Shirt - what a blessing this little shirt is. While the Boden fleece terry is cute for the pool, this guy is great for traveling. When going out for the day and unsure of the weather this rash guard is great to pack. It's lightweight, packs easily (wrinkle free) and is great for those days when you're out n about and want to stop someone for sunset and the weather turns on you. Highly recommend to keep in your backpack/ diaper bag at all times.

6) Old Navy Perforated Shoes. Just get them, seriously. They are THE BEST summer shoes ever. great for play, great for going out to dinner, and great for walking in the ocean. I was thrilled to see these gems were available yet again for 2017. I purchased in both navy and red (grey last year, but they got super dirty do opted for change). And at half the price of Jefferson Natives- they are truly a STEAL. I think I want to get them in size 8, 9 , 10- or until my baby can decide his own wardrobe for himself.

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