Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Flying Solo with Newborn

Three very terrifying words that I knew would soon become a reality since we were heading back to the east coast shortly after Waylon's birth. Trust me, I tried getting out of it. I googled over and over "driving 40+ hours with an infant". I tried to make logic of that insane idea, but deep down I knew it just wasn't fair for poor Waylon to sit that long in a carseat.

The backstory: our family relocated to the west coast back in 2013 in order to satisfy an itch that we knew we couldn't scratch unless we dove in and made the move. My husband is in the technology field and the opportunity arose where we were basically paid to move out there. We were ecstatic, I mean how cool?! So Jason, myself, & our 120lb doberman, Mac, rented an RV and made the trek across the coast.