Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Honeymoon at Rosewood Mayakoba

My husband and I decided to go to Mexico with our close friends and family for the best day of our lives- our wedding! We stayed a week at Hacienda Corazon and although we had the time of our lives we were ready for some "alone time" and were seeking instant relaxation. Rosewood Mayakoba delivered instant results- and more!

When pulling up to the resort (after driving for about 10-15 minutes down the intentionally bumpy road which helps to keep tourists and unwanted traffic out) we were kindly greeted by the Mayakoba staff with incredible green detox smoothies. It took only a few minutes to sign in as guests and we were taken over to a beautiful electric boat that would eventually guide us to our eco house on the lagoon. I could have ended my trip there, it was so beautiful.

We pulled up to the backside of our house and climbed the stairs to find a very clean, modern, and well lit home on the lagoon. I think the first half hour was spent documenting the awesome-ness of our home for the next 7 days via photos and videos. We were in awe. 

The food was incredible (the truffle pizza at the playa restaurant was amazing...coupled with a few jalapeno margaritas :) ). There were optional activities, but it never felt too campy. The one we ended up going to was a Mexican Beer Pairing. It was informative, intimate and had an amazing sunset to boot. 

Transportation was easy. You could either walk, ride the complimentary bikes, or stand at a designated "bus stop" where a golf cart would pick you up in just a few seconds. We were truly in paradise.

The staff was always available, no matter what, and it never felt like you constantly had people at your heels. They were there when you needed them but definitely didn't crowd you, which was a nice touch compared to some resorts we've been to. Especially on your honeymoon, when you want it to feel private as if it was just the two of you who happened to land in a patch of paradise. My birthday happened to land during the honeymoon and my husband coordinated the ultimate day filled with flowers, good food and plenty of relaxation. It was truly the most magical week of my life (second to our wedding, of course). :)


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