Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Toddler Boy Water Wardrobe

I don't know about y'all but its been 75 degrees here in Atlanta this February so I'm already itching for summmmmmaaa time!  I was so excited this year when looking for some cute toddler boy water wear. Often times I find myself bummed to find yet another year full of monkey and whale prints. Have y'all ever noticed how boys get gypped? Literally every store I walk into has about 100 girl items (and CUTE items) to every 1 boy item. So this year, I've figured out my go-tos and decided to share with y'all.

1) Boden Terry Fleece Beach Cover-Up-

*SPLURGE ALERT*. So I didn't get this last year because I thought it was ridiculous to spend that kind of money on a one year old but I so wish I did. We have so many pool days between visiting Poppy & Gigi and going to our local club where this would have been great. I can't wait for him to sport it this year, and be warm and cozy after a chilling exit out of the water from playing all day.

2) Boden Swim Trunks - I'm going to try and get away with these as many years as I can. There's going to come a day when my child can't get away with wearing these so might as well soak it up. They are SO cute. And they are "effortless" for your kid too- no soggy bottoms, no sand trapped, just simple suits.

3) Puddle Jumper- Blue Camo - just adorable. I thought long and hard before making this purchase knowing that we wanted a second child and honestly, I would love if I had a baby girl down the road and she rocked this. Camo is for all genders, period.

4) iPlay Hat - Waylon had sever brachycephaly as an infant so he's really bothered by anything on his head except for this hat. It's great for those long beach or pool days when your child really needs th protection but isn't into hats. It's so lightweight that it doesn't bother them as much. And cute too!

5) iPlay Sunguard Shirt - what a blessing this little shirt is. While the Boden fleece terry is cute for the pool, this guy is great for traveling. When going out for the day and unsure of the weather this rash guard is great to pack. It's lightweight, packs easily (wrinkle free) and is great for those days when you're out n about and want to stop someone for sunset and the weather turns on you. Highly recommend to keep in your backpack/ diaper bag at all times.

6) Old Navy Perforated Shoes. Just get them, seriously. They are THE BEST summer shoes ever. great for play, great for going out to dinner, and great for walking in the ocean. I was thrilled to see these gems were available yet again for 2017. I purchased in both navy and red (grey last year, but they got super dirty do opted for change). And at half the price of Jefferson Natives- they are truly a STEAL. I think I want to get them in size 8, 9 , 10- or until my baby can decide his own wardrobe for himself.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Best of Toddler Items

Here are some of my "must-haves" for transitioning into toddler-hood.

1) Cabinet Locks
We renovated our house (while pregnant AND living across the nation) and had decided to invest in nice cabinets. When it clicked that we would need to baby proof the house once Waylon was mobile we had a bit of a panic attack at the thought of drilling into those new cabinets. FEAR NO MORE. I have your solution. These locks are so easy to put on. Like seconds. And require no drilling. Plus side? Once you no longer to baby proofing you can simply click the back and the mechanism's safety feature is disabled. Only downfall are the tiny keys. We have several placed in hard to each spaces (choking hazard for minis). The best kept place is on a metal dish tier on the counter since its magnetic and sticks.

2) Baby Gate
Again, with the renovation we wanted to buy a baby gate that would "blend in". Mission impossible? Think again. Regalo came up with a beautifully designed baby gate (IMO) that comes in "extra tall" which is great because Waylon is of the charts in height. Bonus is the gate has a door for easy maneuvering around the house and extensions for doorways that are a little wider than usual.

3) Aden & Anais Dream Blanket
Want to see your child's face light up every time for nap/bed time? Get one of these blankets. My nephew has the same one and he has the same love affair for it as well. Every penny is worth it, trust me. I only wish they had it in adult size.

4) Maxi Cosi Convertible Car Seat
We are big time travelers, often on the road for upwards of 12 hours with our little one. When searching for a car seat I wanted to most comfortable option out there. This is it. Waylon lovvvvvvesss his car seat. He's never fought me getting in and he has sat in one for 12 hours on a journey to see family. It's also a great option for infants, being able to accommodate from 9lb to 70 lbs.

5) Camelbak Kids "Sippy Cup"
I think I may have purchased nearly every kind of sippy cup once Waylon transitioned from the bottle. As soon as I'd find one that worked well with him, they either end up leaking somehow or I'd lose a crucial piece for transporting. Enter Camelbak. I threw away every other sippy cup that cluttered my counter and replaced with these gems. Leak Proof. BPA/BPS fee. Dishwasher safe. Pure gold. Only downfall are the straws, which often get lost in the dishwasher but at least you can buy replacements parts online if needed (unlike other brands of sippy cups).

6) Modern Twist Bib
We've only had one of these from the time Waylon was born until now. They are the best. Easy to clean up, comfortable for the kids, and really durable. We take it everywhere with us.

7) Placemat (must have for going out to eat)
My saving grace (and probably the restaurant staff). Save the embarrassment of the disaster left behind while out to eat with these beauties. The fold up to practically nothing so throw them in your bag in a gallon zip lock bag and take wherever you go. When finished, I fold up the entire mess and throw it back in the ziplock for easier clean up when we get home.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Flying Solo with Newborn

Three very terrifying words that I knew would soon become a reality since we were heading back to the east coast shortly after Waylon's birth. Trust me, I tried getting out of it. I googled over and over "driving 40+ hours with an infant". I tried to make logic of that insane idea, but deep down I knew it just wasn't fair for poor Waylon to sit that long in a carseat.

The backstory: our family relocated to the west coast back in 2013 in order to satisfy an itch that we knew we couldn't scratch unless we dove in and made the move. My husband is in the technology field and the opportunity arose where we were basically paid to move out there. We were ecstatic, I mean how cool?! So Jason, myself, & our 120lb doberman, Mac, rented an RV and made the trek across the coast.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Road Trip with 10 Month Old

As I write this post, I can officially say that we survived our first road trip from Atlanta, GA to Naples, FL- approximately 9 hours each way!!!! If you want to skip the whole story and just check out our favorite travel accesories click here

First and foremost, let me just say that a long trip like this requires a few breaks. I would say comfortably, if timed right, Waylon was able to sit for a maximum of 3.5 hours (more if driving in the evening). When I say "timed right" I mean during day nap time or evening sleep cycle. This of course meant having mostly everything packed and ready to go so that at the first sight of a yawn or sleepy eye we could scatter to get the diaper bag, waters, bottles, etc in order to hit the road and maximize drive time.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Honeymoon at Rosewood Mayakoba

My husband and I decided to go to Mexico with our close friends and family for the best day of our lives- our wedding! We stayed a week at Hacienda Corazon and although we had the time of our lives we were ready for some "alone time" and were seeking instant relaxation. Rosewood Mayakoba delivered instant results- and more!

When pulling up to the resort (after driving for about 10-15 minutes down the intentionally bumpy road which helps to keep tourists and unwanted traffic out) we were kindly greeted by the Mayakoba staff with incredible green detox smoothies. It took only a few minutes to sign in as guests and we were taken over to a beautiful electric boat that would eventually guide us to our eco house on the lagoon. I could have ended my trip there, it was so beautiful.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Battling Brachycephaly- The Update (First 6 Weeks)

My husband and I just got home from Children's Hospital of Atlanta where Waylon had his second scan on the StarBand machine to see where he stands so far with helmet therapy. For those of you curious, the StarBand scanner doesn't transmit and radiation, unlike Xrays, and looks like this:

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The List: Things I'm Glad I Did As A New Parent

Being a new parent was probably the most daunting thing for me prior to Waylon's arrival. I was so scared. At 28 years old, I had only ever held a baby twice in my entire life. Matter of fact, I was the youngest in my entire family up until a month prior when my wonderful nephew was born. Never changed a diaper, never bottle fed a baby. Everything was so new.

That being said, I wanted to congregate a list of helpful tips. And by tips I mean, they worked for me so maybe it's worth taking a stab at yourself. Just remember, every single baby is so different. What works for me may not work for you, so pick and choose as you please.